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Get a website that turns more visitors into paying clients on autopilot


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Unlock FAST customer growth for your SaaS business

Untapped Customers

Crafting valuable experiences for visitors and customers

Want to have a legion of raving fans who understand your services, use them often, and tell everyone about you?

That's exactly what I help you achieve...

Get More Customers On Autopilot

Most small businesses can’t afford to make the costly mistake of building a bad website or service.

Access the methods and tactics of well funded startups and bigger companies. Apply them to your website and business. Turning them into customer generating machines.

Discover Opportunities For Business Growth

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You'll Work Directly With Curtis

(No middle men, no account reps, no "coaches")

Curtis Floth - Startup Designer

A rare "triple threat" helping SaaS and services businesses
My name is Curtis Floth. I’m a professional designer, programmer, and digital marketer with over 20 years of experience. A rare combination of skills to help service-based and SaaS businesses thrive.

In large corporations...
This combination means the marketing, design, and development departments work together more efficiently and with greater impact.

In well-funded startups...
It means someone having someone that can "wear many hats," taking on a variety of tasks to help drive the team forward.

In small service-based and SaaS companies...
It means having someone by your side that knows how the different puzzle pieces fit together, guiding you to take the most meaningful actions.

I love helping companies grow their business online. I was fed up with seeing owners making costly mistakes and not helping customers understand their services. So I became obsessed with how to create intuitive and great experiences online then market those services. Then I started helping companies better understand their customers, build more efficiently, and grow.

Someone Who's Helped Companies, Big And Small

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Curtis increased our sign up conversion rate to 90%
"I am constantly impressed with the creative ideas Curtis brings to the table. Whether from customer interviews, a mass of cold data, or just off the top of his head, Curtis can quickly come up with just the right suggestion to improve a design. Just one example: he increased the conversion rate of my sign up page from 30% to 90% with a few simple to implement changes. You can't argue with results like that. I'd recommend Curtis' services to anyone with a website or app that is not yet 100% perfect -- namely, everyone."

Karen Suhaka testimonial for Untapped Customers
Karen Suhaka

Saved me hours of aggravation with tech stuff
"Working with Curtis has saved me hours of aggravation. You need someone like him in your business. You're going to get really great feedback by working from him because he just knows what you need to do next. He's going to be that extra set of eyes. In terms of all the little fixes and  tech stuff, he helps make things run really smoothly. It's like switching your business to another gear. The process will be so much smoother. You're actually going to be able to make more money in your business because you'll get up & running faster. Without becoming exhausted."

Christian Grattan testimonial for Untapped Customers
Christian Grattan

My old website was good at being pretty, but it wasn't good at communicating to my clients. My new website does that.
"Working with Curtis freed me up to do the things that only I can work on... the core of my business. It saved me a lot of time and a lot of frustration. While I could do some of the things that Curtis does, I can't do them as well or as fast. My old website was good at being pretty, but it wasn't really good at communicating to my clients. It wasn't good at convincing people that they should hire me. My new website does that. There are things that your website needs to do in a specific way that you probably don't even know about. Curtis can help you with that."

Let's Discuss Ways To Grow Your Business

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Stand On The Shoulders Of Giant Businesses


For decades, I have been helping well-funded startups and big corporations. Building websites and SaaS services that generated millions of dollars in revenue. Along with learning and implementing methods from the best copywriters, marketers, and conversion experts.

Bringing a powerful combination of experience and skills to small service businesses. Creating the unmatched Untapped Customers experience and service. Helping our clients transform the lives of more people.

Like Rocket Fuel For Your Business


Get more customers while taking less of your time every day.

When you have a strategic and automatic system inside a powerful website, you get to:

  • Focus On Your Prefect Customers
  • Communicate How You Change People’s World
  • Attract, Convert, And Keep Your Best Customers

There’s a catch. I don’t work with just any business...

I get to only take on with ideal clients that I enjoy working with. No longer chasing after any client that comes along. I want you to have the same luxury.

Let’s jump on a 30-minute call so that I can better understand your situation & recommend the best solution.

The goals of this call:

  • Diagnose your challenges and growth opportunities
  • See if there’s a fit for us working together
  • Recommend some actions for you based on your company, market, and other factors

If you don’t... someone else will!

Many business owners try building their website on their own.

Either because they don't think they can afford to hire experts or they use it as a way to avoid being successful.

Stop using your website as an excuse for not being successful!
You're business can't afford to wait for a website that sends you customers.