More Customers, Automatically

Get a website that turns visitors into customers on autopilot - without getting overwhelmed


Harness the strategies used by the best agencies and coaches to connect with website visitors and turn them into paying customers

It’s frustrating when you spend so much time, energy, and money building your website just to have it fail at getting you enough paying clients. I’ve been there and know what it’s like.


Getting a website that converts is challenging


In fact, there are common challenges to building a client-generating website that I hear all the time. Challenges including…

Referrals Aren’t Enough
Much of your business comes to you because they hear about you from other people. You know that you need to promote your business more so that you can have a consistent stream of clients coming in. You think you need to make your website more clear but you don’t know how to find the right words.

Not Technology Savvy
You’re a professional and you want your website to show it. But you don’t have the time to learn the technology, design a beautiful website, and craft the perfect message. So you hire someone to help with no idea of how the site is going to do. That’s scary because it feels like you may by tearing up money.

Don’t Want To Be “Salesy”
You want to get attention from your ideal client without looking cliche’ish. People don’t understand the importance of your services, so they just scroll along… Believing they’ll be fine without your help. Not understanding that you can transform their lives and how valuable your services are.

If any of those challenges ring true to you, I want you to know that you're in the right place and it’s not your fault.


You’re a Professional & Great At What You Do

You’re NOT a professional web designer, programmer, or digital marketer. You don’t have the massive marketing budget of a big corporation. And you’ve probably heard a million opinions and got some free advice. (Usually worth about what you pay for it.) Leaving you stuck, overwhelmed, and more unsure than ever before.

That’s OK.

Get Expert Guidance


You Can Learn Everything On Your Own
You can go out and read every book on web design, digital marketing, UX design, market positioning, messaging, and branding. Spend hours talking with industry experts. Then go out into the field and do this stuff like I have.


Follow An Optimized Process & Move Faster
You could rely on an expert to work with you. Someone that has done this before and knows how to fix your website so that it gets you more clients.

Think about it, you can keep trying to build an effective website on your own. Using trial and error to figure out how everything needs to work together. But imagine how faster and easier it is when you follow a  system. A system from experts that have made thousands of costly mistakes before being successful at building effective websites.


The “Secret Sauce” For Turning Visitors Into Customers

The real “Secret Sauce” of a high converting website is the combination of a few important factors


Professional Design

Clearly communicate your brand and personality with a professional design


Fast Page Speed

No one likes waiting. Make a strong impression to visitors (and Google) with a fast site.


Words That Convert

Use the right words to be seen as unique and highly valuable, not as a commodity


Repeatable Systems

Create a customer generating machine without the guesswork or feeling lost

The Best System For a Website That Attracts Paying Clients


For decades I’ve been helping large businesses grow online so well that they got acquired for millions. I loved what I did but I wasn’t feeling rewarded because I didn’t have a personal connection with the customers. I found that when I helped a small business I had that personal connection. So I became obsessed with helping smaller companies get more clients online.

Combined Web Skills With How Best Experts Generate Clients
I researched how the best digital experts are generating clients online for their customers. I then combined their strategies with my knowledge and experience to develop this system.

Created An Exclusive Website Building System
Websites built with our system have the speed, design, and messaging that your needs to be successful. You can make updates on your own, eliminating the need to pay someone to make the changes. They have the right words to make visitors go all in pay for your services. And they are ready for traffic Facebook and Google, including visitors from paid ads.

A Surprisingly Easy Process
When I started using this system for clients, they were surprised at how painless the process was for them and how well their new website got them new clients. I even used this same strategy to build my own website (of course). Getting me several calls with potential clients week after week.

Let's Grow Your Website And Business

If you think that your website should be generating more clients, I’m offering a limited number of strategy sessions. They are quick conversations to review your website. Together, we’ll see if you’re making any of the top 3 most common mistakes that are causing potential clients to bounce away. And we’ll discuss ways you could fix them right now, what the next steps you should take, and in what order.


I’m Here To Help You Succeed Online

My name is Curtis Floth and I am the President & CEO of Untapped Customers. If you are familiar with my background then you know that I am a rare triple threat in the website industry. I am a professional designer, programmer, and digital marketer with over 20 years of experience.

Avoid Costly Mistakes & Wasted Time
I love helping companies grow their business online but I was fed up with seeing business owners making costly mistakes with their websites that send potential clients away. So I pulled together a team and created Untapped Customers. A design agency that brings the website & marketing strategies of successful businesses to small service-based companies.


A Website That Converts Helps Get Your Business Where You Want It


A great business is going to drive the life you want and an important part is having a website that converts.

Imagine Getting More Clients & More Spare Time
What will it be like when you have a website that matches your level of professionalism and doesn’t turn clients away. A website that shows your value so that you get paid what you’re worth. With appointments being added to your calendar automatically.

How would that change the way you live your life?
Helping more people and spending less time chasing after new clients. Giving you the freedom to spend more time with family and friends. Less stress and worry about where your next few clients are going to come from. Being seen as professional that truly helps others.

Get a Website That Works For You

Untapped Customers helps you get a website that works and the bookings you deserve. You can simply schedule a FREE strategy session to figure out…

  • If you’re ready to implement this website plan
  • If your project is a good fit
  • If I’m available to work within your time frame

If we’re not a good fit, you’ll still uncover some ways to improve your website.

A Website That Repels Clients Really Hurts

You spend countless hours, energy, and money building a website. It hurts when you look at Google Analytics. You see all of these visitors but when you look at your calendar you see very few bookings. Because in your gut, you just know those visitors are bouncing from your site to your competition.

You End Up Taking Any Client That Comes Along
This isn't what you wanted when you started this business. You wanted to do the thing you love to do, help people, and make enough money that you don’t have to worry. But that isn’t what’s happening. And it’s causing you more stress and taking time away from your family and friends. You end up taking on any client that is willing to hire you, even if they aren’t a perfect fit. Or worse... Giving them a discount because any client is better than no client.

Let’s Talk, And See What Needs Improvement

How is it going to feel in 3 months if you don’t address your website and you’re still not getting the bookings you need?

If your website is giving you as many clients as you can handle, then this isn’t for you. However, if you suspect your calendar is empty because your website is turning people away, then you owe it to yourself to book a call.

Don't Hesitate, Book A Free Strategy Session

Again, I can only accept a few new projects each month. I would hate for you to lose additional revenue because you hesitated now.

If all of this sounds good but you’re not 100% sure, my advice to go ahead, click the button below and book the call. That way you can ask me your questions and see if this is right for you. You’ll get a sense of whether this system will work for you. You’ll also get your questions answered about your unique situation.

If We're Not A Fit, You Can Say "Goodbye"
If at any point during the conversation you don’t feel this is going to work for you, just say that we’re not a good fit. We’ll say “good bye” and you can go about the rest of your day. No questions asked, no hard feelings, I promise we’ll still be friends.