Curtis Floth

Startup Designer

(Designer + Programmer + Marketer)

I am a professional designer, programmer and digital marketer for the past 20+ years. Giving me the unique ability to see how the 3 areas work together to gain market share and keep it. Armed with this knowledge, I help businesses of every size grow online. From small one-person companies, to startups, and to large multinational corporations.

But I didn’t always help smaller companies. For a long time, I only worked with well-funded startups. Helping them design, build, and market their services to large audiences. I've worked with many fast growing start-ups that have achieved 7 and 8 figure exits. The biggest lesson I learned is that growth comes from making the right connections with your customers... not from having a giant budget.

Website "Triple Threat"

As a website "triple threat," my friends would call me when their business needed help. I would see the simple mistakes they were making. Then recommend little shifts that would get them growth they hadn't seen before.

They would rave about the results to other people. Before I knew it, complete strangers started calling for my help. I would help these random businesses I never dreamed of helping. But they started seeing results too.

That’s when I realized this problem is everywhere.

Simple Changes Blocking Growth

I constantly see companies making simple mistakes that block their growth. Especially small businesses. Which hurts because staying at the same level, year after year, makes you wonder... "Should I really be doing this."

And that idea is just wrong.

The problem is not that you're doing the wrong thing.

The problem is that you're not good at making the connections that can cause you business to grow.

I know that a few simple changes can have tremendous impacts on their business and their life. I realize that people make the same types of mistakes over and over again.

Systems And Tools To Grow Your Business

I developed systems and tools to

  • Quickly identify changes to make
  • Discover opportunities for growth
  • Build assets faster

All so that I can help companies of all sizes

  • Find their place in the market
  • Connecting with prospects
  • Create experiences that enjoy

When it all comes together, your customers love and value you. So much that they pounce at any chance to tell their friends about you.

You don’t have to have corporate size budgets to succeed and help people. All you need is the right messaging, strategy, and customer experience.

Let’s Talk, And See What Needs Improvement

I can only accept a few new projects each month. I would hate for you to lose additional revenue because you hesitated now.

If I sound interesting but you’re not 100% sure, my advice to go ahead, click the button below and book a call. That way you can ask me your questions and see if this is right for you. You’ll get a sense of whether we're a fit or not. You’ll also get your questions answered about your unique situation.

If We're Not A Fit, You Can Say "Goodbye"
If at any point during the conversation you don’t feel this is going to work for you, just say that we’re not a good fit. We’ll say “good bye” and you can go about the rest of your day. No questions asked, no hard feelings, I promise we’ll still be friends.