A Complete Kit For Attracting Quality Customers

The Atomic Brand KitTM process turns your logo into a comprehensive set of marketing assets for your brand. Empowering business owners (and designers) to quickly create the marketing materials needed to attract more customers. All while keeping their brand consistent and memorable.

Create lead magnets, funnels, websites, presentations, and more in a breeze without second-guessing designs or sacrificing your brand.

See this report? ...


It’s the latest report from LucidPress on the impact and value brand consistency has on businesses.

This report revealed that businesses can increase their revenue by 20% just by having a consistent brand!

By having a consistent brand, the visual brand elements (including your logo) become ingrained in the minds of your perfect customers. Making them more likely to remember your business and keep it top-of-mind.

Brand consistency is so important that even large corporations like Starbucks spend millions of dollars every year ensuring their campaigns and brand are consistent and effective.

It’s critical to them that the brand identity on their websites, apps, social media, and everywhere else look like they’re part of the same brand.

Tap Into Brand Consistency

Tapping into the power of brand consistency builds trust with your target customers and makes your brand memorable to them.

But your business needs tons of different marketing pieces including a logo, business cards, and a website. Plus it needs a dizzying array of social media profiles and content.

For digital marketing, your business also needs PDFs, videos, presentations, and marketing funnels.

It’s a large amount of work that every business owner must take on to turn strangers into customers.

Plus it’s work that needs to get done in addition to living your life, working on other parts of the business, and actually helping customers.

When your business is making less than $10,000 per month you’re fighting for your business to survive.

And it’s scary because it’s overwhelming, you feel like you’re missing out on revenue, and don’t know who to hire to help.

Brand Consistency With An Atomic Brand KitTM

Your business needs a set of brand guidelines so that you can ensure your brand's elements are used the right way and your brand looks professional every time.

Your business needs a collection of modules and templates that enables you to make marketing materials that are consistent with your brand and easy to use.

Your business needs design resources and elements that you can send to designers you hire so they can create marketing assets that match your brand without needing to re-create everything.

And that’s exactly what’s inside every Atomic Brand KitTM.

Stick In The Minds of Prospects and Customers

Hi my name is Curtis Floth. I’m a designer and digital strategist.

For over 25 years I’ve been a professional designer for tech startups, corporations, and e-commerce stores. I’ve created winning designs that grew revenue but I also created systems and templates for others to use to keep the brand consistent.

I spent over a year distilling my knowledge and experience into a system to help solopreneurs create effective marketing assets that are consistent with their brand.

The reason I spent all of this time is because there’s a big problem when it comes to small business owners like us creating a consistent brand image online.

And that problem is that most of us just don’t know how to hire the right designers or create content ourselves that keeps our brand consistent. And an inconsistent brand makes your business look amateur and drives qualified customers away.

Every custom Atomic Brand KitTM is designed to be easy for you, and every designer you hire, to quickly create marketing materials that reinforce your brand. Helping your business stick in the minds of prospects and customers.

Stand Out With a Custom-Branded Marketing Kit

Let your brand shine through in all the marketing materials you create. With a full suite of branded assets—from business cards to web pages—so that your business has the confidence it needs to succeed in today’s market.

Create a Pipeline of Quality Customers With Ease

Creating so many marketing materials can feel daunting and overwhelming, especially for small businesses. Have all of your brand assets done at once so you can focus on what’s important—your customers. If you ever need more, you and your designers will have all of the brand pieces they need to create new materials that are consistent with your company’s identity.

Ready To Boost Your Brand & The Results From Your Marketing?

Custom-designed Atomic Brand KitsTM are built to stand out from the competition and convert more visitors into hot leads and sales. Plus, you’ll get unlimited design revisions until you love your new brand.